Top Anabolic Steroid Myths Busted

Every one among us, at one point or other, wants to be bigger, faster, and stronger. With the electronic and traditional media emphasizing heavily on countless depictions of alpha males, more and more young men are exploring ways to stay close to such physical peaks and some of them want a quick fix. In the last few years, a lot has been said about anabolic steroids on public and media forums and it is believed that the truth is still not known to many and many people still have myths about anabolic steroids. 
Use of anabolic steroids reduces endurance
 One of the biggest misconceptions about steroids is that they reduce endurance wherein they actually increase endurance through the creation of a greater count of red blood cells (RBCs). An increase in these cells is considered to be one of the most important physiological components for athletes as they are responsible to carry oxygen to the tissues of the body, including muscles.

Steroids turn women into men
Carefully selected steroids and use of these performance enhancing drugs under expert supervision and with post cycle therapy is never associated with such a myth. Moreover, most of the side effects associated with steroids are reversible and others tend to go away once the anabolic steroid cycle is over.

Steroids provide instant results
Anabolic steroids are offer considered to be drugs with instant results but this is not the case. Use of these performance enhancing drugs should be complemented with intense training and regime dieting to reap their full benefits. Moreover, the use of steroids should be complemented with a recommended 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep and different forms of exercises under expert supervision.

These drugs cause liver damage
One of the other myths about anabolic steroids is that they lead to liver damage. Abuse of steroids or the purchase and use of low grade steroids can lead to damage to the liver but the right use of steroids under expert guidance and for legal purposes under qualified supervision is not associated with this health complication. Moreover, these drugs are surely less dangerous than the legalized alcohol and various forms of prescription drugs, all of which are legal.

Steroids lead to shrinking of male sexual organ
The use of anabolic steroids do not pose any risk to the male sexual organ, though it may have a negative effect on the testicles, but this is a reversible condition and the testicles are back to their normal size as soon as the steroid cycle is completed.

Depression is caused by steroid use
The media has been building up a lot of myths about anabolic steroids as these drugs actually promote the sense of well being and positive mood besides reducing the levels of stress and reports linking depression with the drugs are purely anecdotal.

Steroids lead to stunted growth
There has been no medical evidence suggesting this and actually a big majority of steroid users even those who start at an early age with steroids donโ€™t suffer from any height complications. Height is more of a hereditary factor and the use of steroids is not to be blamed for stunted growth.

Steroids increase the risk of baldness and prostate cancer
Baldness is genetically determined and there is no study to suggest that the increased levels of testosterone can cause baldness. Moreover, men with higher levels of testosterone are at no greater risk of developing prostate cancer than men suffering with low testosterone and this health condition is again largely a genetic predisposition.

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