Steroids in Football

 Steroids in Football

Steroids are used almost everywhere in today’s world.Professional games such as athleticsrugby, andbaseball are already in the easy grasp of steroids. The world of football has not been left untouched by the use of performance enhancing steroids.

The fact that no one is eager to watch dead rubber matches or slow moving athletes or average gaming professionals is one of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of steroids in today’s sporting world. People nowadays are ready to spend money on fast-paced and interesting matches like nothing else. Furthermore, since the career spans of sportsmen are getting shorter with each passing day, more and more budding and existing sportsmen are more than ready like never to use steroids in the short and long run. Football Players have been no exceptions.

Every one has been hearing news about the use of steroids in the National Football League(NFL) ever since the late 1980s. The most famous, rather infamous, story of steroids in football is that of Lyle Alzado. Alzado enjoyed a great stint in the National Football League for a period of seven years till the time when he almost became a symbol of steroid abuse.

William Thomas Romanowski, known to the world as Bill Romanowski and Romo, who played 243 consecutive games admitted in an appearance in the year 2005 that Victor Conte,BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative) Owner, gave him steroids and human growth hormone.

When incidents such as these are brought to public notice, every one does think that the usage of steroids in football occurs at every – high-school, collegiate, and professional – level. This is evident from that fact that latest figures from the National Collegiate Athletic Association that revealed that no less than one percent of all NCAA footballers failed drug tests at bowl games while three percent of them confessed using steroids overall.

It has also been noticed that the usage of performance enhancing drugs and anabolic steroids has almost doubled from 1991 to 2003 in the world of high school football. The fact that only four percent of high schools in the United States have some form of drug testing for their football teams is often the reason behind prospective state or national level players taking up steroids to earn easy name & fame.

The names of Shawne Merriman, Tyrone Wheatley, Barrett Robbins, Chris Cooper, and Dana Stubblefield have done enough to break the trust of their followers who once believed that they were no less than living legends taking football for a living till the time all of them were accused of steroids.

This is primarily because as long as the name, fame, prestige, invincibility factor, and the fear of losing stays with the game of football, it will not be free of steroids.

Despite the fact that the world of athletes has already embraced the use of steroids to a considerable extent, the decision-making bodies are yet to come with a decision or solution. Though rules have been made in this regard but like all rules, these rules do not find a standing for whom they are meant.

With steroids such as AnavarEquipoiseCialisDeca DurabolinWinstrol Depot,DianabolAnadrolSustanon 250Testosterone EnanthateNolvadexClenbuterol, and Testosterone Cypionate being easily available for a modern day sportsman in today’s times, the demand for steroids in football has seen an unprecedented rise like never-before.

Since steroids are known to offer “instant and dramatic” abilities to the users, more and more sportsmen are taking steroids. However, most of them do not possess the requisite knowledge about steroids and this is the reason why the world has been able to see them succumbing to steroids. Legends are falling, steroids are gaining – this is the popular thought in many minds and rightly so. The fact that they do not give a thought before abusing steroids does not deserve leniency of any kind.

After all, it is known to one and all that all steroids are not illegal and the anti-doping and world sports associations are worried only about the illegal steroids. This means that a sportsman who makes use of a steroid for rightful purpose and not to gain an unfair advantage over his peers is not guilty in eyes of the law while the usage of steroids (against spirit of the game) is what is considered to be bad for the game and all.

There is nothing wrong with steroids if one can realize that they are to be respected and diligently used; they are not to be abused as an abuse of steroids can lead to nothing but a toll on life, body, and health of its user. In order to reap benefits of steroids, a sportsman must understand the pros and cons of steroids before making a use of steroids. The intake of steroids must always be preceded with a sound and qualified medical advice. Such an advice can help a sportsman reap optimum benefits of steroids like never-before without putting his health or life at stake.

The advice of doctor can be complemented with advice received from other sources such as friends, past users, family, colleagues, and coaches along with information readily available on the Internet. Internet is one of the most exhaustive sources of information for almost everything. A footballer can seek information about steroids such as best steroids in the town, tips and precautions before steroid usage, best steroid deals, stacking, steroid dosage, steroid cycle, and benefits of steroids from the web in an easy and effective manner. However, the final advice to be followed should always be of the doctor.

In short, there is nothing wrong with steroids in football until the time steroids are abused or misused. If that can be followed, then the game lovers and players will not find it hard to make realistic expectations. And, that will be best for the game and the players who play the game. The world is waiting for this time and this time is expected to come soon, sooner or later.