Steroids and Sports


Steroids and Sports

In today’s sporting world, no one wants to see a deadly match. Today, every one wants to see big hits going out of the ground, records being broken in a rampant manner, sportsmen getting aggressive and abusive, players giving a big glare after responding to an abuse.

Expectations are high and there is no respite for a sportsman who cannot attain the number one position. The fear of losing everything – career, opportunity, contracts, name, fame, and money – is putting more and more sportsmen, all over the world, to take on steroids.

While some are of the view that the usage of steroids must be curbed on a whole immediately, many are of the view that steroids must be legalized. The latter view is supported by the fact that the governing body of sports often fails to identify the steroid users (sportsmen on steroids) and “plain” sportsmen and there is no point in stretching the long-run battle any more.

The recent accusation of many former baseball players has not been good news for the game or the gaming spirit but one thing that has come out is that not many expected to play the game in the right spirit are playing in the expected manner. It has also been noticed thatbaseballfootballcricket, ice hockeyrugby, and wrestling etc. have been taking and popularizing the usage of steroids since the last few decades. Since sportsmen are easy idols of the teenage population, the effect of steroid users (sportsmen taking steroids) is easy and instant on minds of the innocent followers.

Since anabolic steroids are almost untraceable due to their water composition, even world sports governing bodies and anti-doping agencies are finding it hard to justify their long fears.

Nowadays, when a sportsman performs above expectations, there are always some eyes that see him with a belief of accusation. This is completely unprofessional. The game has to be played on an equal platform and there will be equilibrium only if steroids are allowed in today’s sports. Any expectations, apart from legalization of steroids, are nothing but unrealistic expectations.

In this article, we would be reading about some of the most popular steroids, methods of usage, benefits, tips, precautions, and side-effects of steroids.

Steroids are muscle enhancing substances that are taken by individuals to enhance body performance and increase muscle mass. They are also known as juice, roids, gym candy, arnies, A’s, anabolics, pumpers, and stackers. Some of the common oral steroids are Anadrol,AnavarDianabolNibilNilevarWinstrol, and Maxibolin while some of the common injectable steroids are Deca-Durabolin, Drolban, Equipoise, Winstrol Depot, and Durabolin to name a few. Steroids can be taken in different forms such as oral, transdermal or through nasal spray or injections.

Steroids help their users to gain muscle mass and enhance body performance in a short span of time. They help sportsmen to get relief from effects of over-exertion and performing for long durations of time without feeling low-spirited or low on energy. Steroids, when taken in the right spirit and after complete knowledge, can help their users reap optimum benefits such as rise in the level of performing tissues.

In today’s times, sportsmen are finding it easy to buy steroids online. With steroids being available without a prescription on the web, the popularity of steroids has seen an unprecedented high. And, the sports community is more than elated.

However, steroids must be used by a sportsman only after a qualified medical advice. They should be taken only as per medical advice and the dosage should not be altered without medical approval. If an individual keen to take on steroids has an allergy, the same should be brought to attention of the doctor to get a fair and complete medical advice. If an individual onsteroids face any issue or witness any kind of abnormality with his body, he should immediately discontinue the usage of steroids and seek medical intervention to avoid anyside-effects.

One thing more, steroids alone cannot make a body. Concrete efforts and perseverance are very much required for a healthy body. But that does not mean that an individual on steroidsshould indulge into workout for many hours as that may prove to be deadly. Time duration of workout, nutritional diet, and a good sleep are something that must be observed along with an intake of steroids.

One should always remember one thing that quality steroids do not pose any harm to the human body. Steroids bring bad effects to the body when they are illegal, misused or abused. Therefore, it is always imperative to buy legal steroids from legal suppliers and use them as per medical directions.

If you are a sportsman and planning to take on steroids then you need to be cautious while making a usage. This is because it is rightly said that, “prevention is better than cure” – you can stay protected against possible side-effects of steroids only after making yourself informed about its functionality, meaning, benefits, tips, precautions, and side-effects. If that can be done, there can be absolutely nothing that can come between your dreams of having a healthy body through steroids.

It will not be wrong to say that the association of steroids with sports may not end in the coming few years but one thing that can be easily said that more and more sportsmen will be taking on steroids. And, sport governing bodies will need to take a final decision – whether to legalize steroids or not. One thing is for sure, the decision will not be an easy affair as steroidshave changed the way games are played today and the fear of failure may even prompt governing bodies to give a final nod, much to the relief of a big population of sportsmen.

In short, life of an athlete can be better off without steroids but if that is not the case, informed decision to take steroids after a qualified medical advice is all what you need to stay ahead of the competition and win laurels.

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