Negative Effects of Steroids

 When one thinks of steroids, the first thought that comes to the mind of many of us is about an athlete orbodybuilder taking them to gain an unfair advantage. But, steroids do not pose any harm to their users unless they are abused and do not give unfair advantage to anyone but help the users to stay ahead of the competition. Besides that, steroids are not meant for athletes and bodybuilders alone. They can be used by any one without a doubt in the mind.

Many people are of the view that steroids come at the price of health. But, this is just a myth. Steroids come with side-effects only when they are abused. When they are abused, they work in a detrimental manner and can ruin an individual psychologically, physically, and emotionally.

In this article, we would be reading about side-effects of steroids when abused and the possible ways to eliminate or at least minimize these side-effects. This will give better insights to stay away from fraudulent steroids and be in a better frame of mind before accepting steroids as effective ways to promote a well-conditioned body.

In the general parlance, steroids are known as stackers, trainers, gear, juice, gym candy, roids, pumpers, and arnolds. They, when abused, raise the risk of mood swings and disturbances. They may even lead to mania, hallucinations, delusional beliefs, and depression. Disorganized thinking can also be one of the outcomes of an abused steroid environment. Steroids may even increase the level of aggressiveness in an individual. This may lead him to injure self and others without any reason.

Individuals who take steroids without medical guidance or consume overdose are prone to cardiovascular diseases such as coronary artery and heart ailments. Studies have also shown that steroids stimulate the production of sebum (production of oil in the skin) that can lead to acne outbreak. Many individuals who consume steroids have often complained of bad breath immediately after the consumption. Intake of c-17 alpha-alkylated orals for prolonged periods by a steroid user can result in damages to the liver.

There have been also many times when individuals on steroids have complained of injuries, cramps and wear-and-tear of muscles. Since steroids are known to weaken the body’s immune system to some extent, nose bleeds are common with individuals on steroids. Apart from that, usage of steroids also increases the risk of insomnia or forgetfulness in an individual on steroid. Steroids can also affect reproduction problems or infertility in men in some cases. The list of associated side-effects extends to ailments such as heart palpitations, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), enlargement of the heart, and even high blood pressure.

Loss of libido and stoppage of natural production of testosterone (testicular atrophy and hypogonadism) can be some of the side-effects in males. In females, growth of male characteristics such as reduction of breast size and growth of Adam’s Apple along with hirsutism can be felt after administration of steroids.

Some other side-effects of abused usage of steroids include liver tumors, jaundice, fluid retention, deepened voice, cessation of the menstrual cycle, growth of facial hair in women, impaired judgment stemming from feelings of invincibility, baldness, and reduced sperm count in males.

Now that we have read about side-effects of abused usage of steroids, let us find possible ways to eliminate or at least minimize these side-effects.

Usage of steroids must be initiated only after a medical advice. It is important to note that too much of steroids (overdose) do not empower an individual in a day’s time. The human body can take only a limited amount of steroids and any excess is converted into estrogen.

Great bodies are not built in a day. It takes months of dedicated efforts and perseverance to be the proud owner of a well-built body.

It is always advisable to rely on professional and specialized advice of a doctor as there are many people in today’s multi-billion dollar steroid industry who are not bothered about others. Their sole aim is to accumulate money even if that means unethically. And, it is better not to get allured by their cheesy statements.

One must also be careful enough to witness any change in his behavioral and body activity patterns. If any change is observed, the same must be immediately brought to the notice of a registered medical specialist. The usage of all forms of steroids must be immediately discontinued and medical instructions must be followed without any fail to avoid any further repercussions.

Illegal or grey-market steroids must be avoided at all times as they pose a serious threat to health and mind. Only, legal muscle enhancing steroids should be used. It is always advisable to read the usage instructions of any steroid before consumption. The dosage must be regulated as per medical consultation.

Intake of steroids for too long can result in a series of negative effects. Immune system of the body can get weakened after a prolonged usage of steroids. Thus, it is highly imperative to realize that steroids should be consumed for short periods of time and with adequate break. It is best for an individual on steroid to maintain a carefully planned cycle. Furthermore, an individual on steroids must consume a minimum of 5000-7000 calories and this diet must be rich in carbohydrates and proteins but low on fat. Such a rich diet can help him or her avoid any side-effects due to usage of steroids. It is also important for an individual to undergo a rigorous training while remaining on steroids. This is necessary to ensure that body can gain from steroids and they are not converted to estrogen.

It is best for every one to understand that steroids should always be respected and not abused. Side-effects after intake of steroids occur only when they are abused or misused. Steroids, when taken under an expert guidance, can improve diet, muscle mass, endurance of an individual besides enhancing his efficiency related with workout routines.

If one can be cautious enough to follow a healthy regime with steroids then there cannot be any doubt that steroids will help him or her in getting a better value from steroids. It is always better to be on the safer side with steroids than getting into the wrong path.

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